Engineering Solution

The words engineering and simplicity are not often used in the same sentence. But ours is a field complicated by everything from environmental issues to government regulations. It is difficult work that requires precision, patience and dedication. Why complicate it any more?

We are Vorwarts Solution. And our name is what we do. What could not be solved than that? Click through the links on this site to learn more about the expert…well, engineering service we can provide for you.

The Solution

Engineering Service provides services and support for all phases of a project – from study, planning and design to preparation of plans and specifications, construction observation and contract administration. We make an on-going effort to develop an awareness and understanding of the latest technological trends and concepts so that each client’s needs can be given competent and professional consideration.

Place Softwares

Anti virus; Programs; Safety and encrypting solutions; Improvement of equipment performance; Tunning of boards; Memory; Video.

I.T Services

Maintenance and repairs of Devices

Eletronic Security

Installing cameras; DVR (digital image recorder); Maintenance; Searching for images live via mobile; System setup;

Automation of gates and Motors.

Machine Retrofit.

Miscellaneous Services

Shower Exchanges; Electrical outlets; Fans; Gardening; All kinds of commercial and residential maintenance


Commercial and residential intercoms Installation and maintenance.


Electrical installations; Commercial and residential; Everything in the electrical area

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